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Containing Risk In Business Transactions When Bankruptcy May Be A Factor

Business transactions, such as purchase and sale agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and spinoffs or dissolutions, can become complicated when any involved party’s bankruptcy is a threat or is already underway.

When bankruptcy looms on the horizon for any entity involved in a business transaction, legal counsel is imperative. At the Ito Law Group, we serve businesses nationwide in a full range of transactions with bankruptcy – or the potential of bankruptcy – as a factor. For example, businesses looking to acquire another competitor on the verge of financial collapse often rely upon us to insulate their exposure in case the target company subsequently files bankruptcy after the transaction is consummated.

Ways In Which We Protect Businesses In Transactions That Are Complicated By Bankruptcy

Our counsel and representation encompass all types and stages of internal and external business transactions. We provide counsel to boards of directors on their fiduciary duties when a company is operating in the zone of insolvency or is insolvent. Likewise, when debt load has become an obstacle in any business relationship, we work on behalf of creditors in attempting to reach a consensual restructuring out of bankruptcy court. The benefit of an out-of-court workout is the time and expense that is saved by not having to place the company into a bankruptcy.

Banks, equipment and leasing companies, and other providers of credit employ Ito Law Group, P.C., to enforce their rights and to protect their collateral in bankruptcy courts across the country. With decades of experience in bankruptcy law, Peter Ito has built a national reputation in the field. Businesses looking to acquire distressed assets or competitors with potential bankruptcy issues can turn to the firm for advice on how to navigate these potentially risky but also potentially profitable transactions.

Explore Options And Opportunities In Business Transactions Affected By Bankruptcy

Our attorneys have earned a reputation for responsiveness to clients’ needs and concerns. No matter where you are located or what type of business transaction is pending, along with bankruptcy, contact Ito Law Group, P.C., at 720-281-5294 or through our online contact form.